Personal Goals

One of the things I ask my students to do each year is to create a set of learning goals. This is separate from their IEP, but sometimes is intertwined. When students set goals for learning, they are taking charge of their education. Each quarter, I ask them to revisit these goals and reflect on their progress. Sometimes goals are modified to fit recent accomplishments or lack of motivation. Sometimes goals are thrown out and new ones emerge as their desires and ideas change through the year. I always tell them the important part is that you have something in writing to remind you, and that you are in a state of continuous reflection. So, where are my goals? I consider myself a life long learner. Even as teacher, I am constantly learning and striving to improve myself. I have goals, but as teachers, we are tempted to believe that we should know everything, be perfect. We hide our weaknesses and thus, over the years, I have made a fatal flaw. I have not shared my personal goals with my students. With that said…

GOAL #1: Complete and publish Common Core Interactive Resource for Teachers of the DHH iBook (Strand: Speaking and Listening).

GOAL #2: Tie each lesson to at least one essential standard of the Common Core in all subject areas as documented by daily lesson plans.

GOAL #3: I will commit to maintaining the blog as a resource for teachers of the DHH by monthly posts at minimum.

GOAL #4: I will create an online resource of my color code English Language curriculum (bits and pieces can be found at Teachers Pay Teachers).

GOAL #5: I will make a genuine effort to spend more time with my family than in front of the computer.

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