The NEW Prezi!

I love the new Prezi, just released this past week! I give it 4 stars for both learning potential and helpful teaching tool (only because I would love to see the same features available to iPad users). I have been using Prezi for instruction for the past 3 years, however when introduced to my students, they always seem to stumble. Face it, the old Prezi (now called “classic” Prezi) was a bit difficult to navigate and often time consuming to use. Last year, they introduced templates which made the process a bit easier. However, the new Prezi, is so easy!

For those of you that are not familiar, Prezi is a cloud-based zooming presentation builder (also available as a desktop and iPad app – although the iPad app has limited features). The new Prezi puts the user tools right on the dashboard, similar to current presentation software available. Select a pre-determined theme and add frames. Insert media including videos, pictures, and shapes. You can even add photos and videos directly from the web. And now, add your favorite Power Point slides! Determine the path your Prezi will take, creating a zooming canvas of information that beats out the boring presentations of past. Save your Prezi as a printable PDF or share your completed Prezi in an email, on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Better yet, just embed it on your website or blog, all with the touch of a button.

Once you have created your Prezi, (or your students have created theirs), you can view them with the whole class. I frequently use Prezi as an alternative eye catcher to Power Point and Keynote. I encourage students to take care not to add too much motion as you can create dizziness and feelings of motion sickness for your audience. Have them work collaboratively (co-editing feature built it). Share presentations with the whole class, for those of you that are in a 1-1 program (tablet or laptop). This feature helps students maintain focus. As a teacher, Prezi saves time. You can search completed Prezis directly from the website, then copy to your dashboard and edit to fit your needs, thanks to all of those teachers that are so willing to share their expertise. I always attempt to give credit of creation back to the original creator to model Digital Rights and Responsibility with my students. Prezi brings the fun back into presentations. If you don’t believe me, watch the demo below. Anyone can be creative.


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  1. peterjn says:

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  2. sjelliott says:

    Michelle, your Blog is an inspiration for me! I am taking a Walden University course and we are learning about the benefits of blogging and setting up our own blogs. I tried to follow your lead with Edublogs. I wrote about your blog in my blog :)
    Thanks for being such a role model and a GREAT teacher.
    I hope to meet you some day.
    ~susan Elliott

  3. Thank you for sharing.

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