Global Communities


We are unleashing our newest project this year in our classroom. Our Global Community Project. We are so excited to be sharing our learning experiences with our DHH community around the globe. I am excited to be connecting with my Global members of my PLN from England, India, Israel and the US. What an experience we have ahead of us. Watch as we grow, visit our blog here.

We have had some hiccups this week in our collaborative efforts to join our new community of learners. Since we have the iPads, several activities have been a bit difficult. Viewing the blog itself was initially a challenge (thank you Arlene for your efforts to repair). We also discovered that Wallwisher does not work well with iPads since it is Flash based. We used our handy Rover app, however, still had difficulty adding posts to the wall via the iPad. However, the student have really enjoyed answering polls and reading previous posts.

I will continue to keep you updated on our journey. Looking forward to a great time.

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